Tinius Olsen’s Triaxial Test System is modular in design and can be customized to match a broad range of customer requirements. The system is composed of various components, with the key items being:

This 50 kN capacity machine is delivered complete with an in-built electronic kit for triaxial testing of soil specimens up to 100 mm diameter x 200 mm long.

It consists of a sturdy twin-column construction with an integral, completely variable microprocessor controlled drive unit and LCD display comprising a touch-sensitive keyboard. It is bench-mounted for easy installation and operation.

The use of a microprocessor controlled drive system and keyboard entry offers the load frame with a broad range of features, including pause and speed reset during test, operator programming of speed and control functions, RS232 interface for computer control, and self-test diagnostics.

A strongly constructed steel case accommodates the motor drive system and safeguards against water and dirt. All operating controls are mounted on the front panel of the machine, which is angled and recessed to avoid environmental and physical damage.

The cells are for testing specimens that measure 38 mm diameter x 76 mm long and 50 mm diameter x 100 mm long. The Triaxial Cell has a perspex (acrylic plastic) chamber comprising an anvil and a loading plunger. Releasing four tie rods effortlessly splits the cell. It is leak-proof up to 10 bar (10 kg/cm) fluid pressure. Cells that endure pressures of 20 bar can be made on request. An oil plug and air vent are provided for adding a thin layer of oil over water. This offers an effective sealing at the plunger for long duration tests. The cell is also equipped with four ball valves of no-volume change type, at the base.

The Oil Water Constant Pressure System from Tinius Olsen is a very versatile apparatus that can be used for a broad range of applications. This system offers an effective alternative to a Mercury and Water Constant Pressure system, particularly where space is at a minimum. The apparatus is engineered to provide confining pressure up to 16 bar to Triaxial Cells. The system has an oil pump, driven by an electric motor during the whole period of operation to maintain the preferred pressure. The unit offers variable pressure up to 16 bar, which can be decreased or increased just by turning a control knob. A transparent oil water interchange vessel is provided to convey water pressure to the test apparatus.

The Triaxial Data Acquisition System is provided with a 10 kN (1000 kgf) capacity external load cell, an LVDT displacement sensor with a range of +10 mm, a 20 bar (20 kg/cm) capacity pore pressure transducer, and a three-channel digital indicator that has been specifically designed to match the requirements of triaxial testing.

The De-Aired Water Apparatus from Tinius Olsen operates on the principle of eliminating dissolved air from the water present in the soil so as to measure the pore pressure. It is used to examine the levels of dissolved oxygen suitable for geotechnical test techniques for soil.

4ft X 8ft Cast Acrylic Sheet

Note: Any dissolved air in the water will result in errors in the measurement of pore pressure, especially at low pressure, and also gives incorrect or slow saturation results.

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