We’ve got some pretty cool news for the landscape photographers out there, the filter system maker Nisi has just announced their new system, the “Switch,” which is a filter holder that well let you mount two filters at the same time (nothing new here), but with this system, you can rotate them independently. Thus, letting you take complete control of your image, designed for situations where you need to use a graduated ND system at two different angles (like in a valley).

The system works with an 82mm main adapter, (which is included in the V6, V5 Pro, and V5 kits so any existing users are already off to a head start), and lets you mount 2 square filters, as well as a circular polarizer (or nd) with 360 degree rotation in the center. Honestly, this is kind of groundbreaking regardless of how simple an idea it should be. You can lock the system allowing you to rotate both filters together at the same time, or unlock and rotate separately.

Made with aluminum-alloy construction CNC, so it’s designed to be lightweight but sturdy to avoid any slips and shakes during shooting. They state there’s no vignetting at 16mm, but we’ll hold judgement on that until we’re able to test first hand, but regardless, even if there is some, it’s still an incredibly impressive system. According to the NiSi website, the switch is part of their 100mm system so if ordered separately without the mounting ring, it should only cost approximately $99 USD. If you need the mount, you’ll have to buy one of the V6/V5/V5 Pro kits as well and those start at $169. The Switch kits are not yet available for sale but we’re told they should be shipping soon! I’ll try to update this post with direct links once that happens. In the meantime, you can learn more at NiSi’s website here and check out a first hand mini review here from Norwegian photographer Ole Henrik Skjelstad.

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