Two years ago, Daniel Reyes decided he wanted to make a positive change in his life by taking up a few new hobbies, so he started playing the piano and roller skating. He's since turned the latter into a business, Our Lady of Perpetual Motion, offering custom-built quad skates (as opposed to inline skates).

After doing some research online, Reyes built skates for himself, his girlfriend and her children. Then, friends started asking him to make them skates, along with strangers at local rinks and the skate park.

"It's been pretty popular," the East Ridge resident said of the new business. "People really like something different."

He can make them from most any type of shoe, but prefers to use leather and suede because they last longer, and high-top shoes are best since they provide more support, he said. Converse Chuck Taylors, Dr. Martens boots, Nike Air Force 1 high-tops and suede boots are among the shoes he's used previously.

The cost for custom skates starts at $280, and each pair is fitted to the individual and made specifically for their skating needs, said Reyes. The skates typically take a day or two to make, but he's currently backed up by about a week due to the Christmas rush.

An official with the Chattanooga Roller Girls, Reyes said he also spends a lot of time skating at local rinks such as Hamilton Skate Place and Roller Coaster Skate World in Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia, and at the skate park downtown. He does some street skating at Camp Jordan as well.

"I try to be involved with all the different [skating] communities," said Reyes. "When it comes to quad skating, [the local scene] seems to be growing every day."

It should grow even more once the city builds its new skate park, for which the location has not yet been decided, he added.

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To make an appointment for custom-built skates, email Our Lady of Perpetual Motion at For more information, visit or

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